About JBCT

The Jewish Bukharian Community of Toronto (JBCT) was formally inaugurated in April of 2003 to serve the needs of the growing Jewish Bukharian community in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

It evolved from, and was built on, the groundwork laid down by the Centre of Bukharian Jews, a committee established in 1998 to unite the fragmentary Jewish Bukharian community of the GTA.

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Upcoming Events

JBCT offers a wide variety of engaging programs for the community. Our Teen and Youth clubs offer fun weekly gatherings featuring inspirational talks, pizza and snacks!

During our monthly Rosh Chodesh gatherings, the women in the community get together to learn and spend time together. Men organize monthly “Osh Hodesh” events, where they learn Torah and enjoy a delicious meal together. And of course, various events for seniors occur throughout the year.

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