Over the centuries, Bukharian Jews have endured isolation, persecution and exile.  Assimilation is now their greatest threat.  However, your support can help ensure the survival of their 2700-year old culture and heritage and bring them back to Torah and Mitzvot.

The New Community Centre

at Bathurst and Rutherford will enable Shaarei Zion to service the world’s third largest population of Bukharian Jews, as well as thousands of young, unaffiliated Jewish families in Richmond Hill.

Shaarei Zion &
The Jewish Bukharian Community Centre of Toronto

cordially invite you to join us for the

Patrons’ Dinner

Experience the Cuisine, Culture and
Torah Renaissance of Bukharian Jewry


Rabbi Igal Haimoff

Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivat Ohel Simcha
Dayan, Queens Beit Din

“Returning to the Roots”

Sunday, February 25, 2018
at six-thirty in the evening

at the home of

Mr. & Mrs. Avromi Heller
77 Caribou Road, Toronto, Ontario

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